Interactions Collaboration Peer Review Process

  • The director of the organization submits a formal request to the Interactions Collaboration to conduct a peer review. This request serves as the charge for the review and specifies the issues for the peer review committee to address. The charge can be addressed to Judy Jackson on the behalf of the Interactions Collaboration. For an example, please see the charge from TRIUMF's review on page 20 of the Final Report.

  • The Interactions Collaboration works with the organization's office to select possible dates for the review and to appoint an experienced communicator from the international scientific community to chair the peer review committee. The collaboration then works with the appointed chair to select a review committee of about six experienced and recognized communication professionals. The organization's office is encouraged to nominate members of the review committee to bring a particular perspective to the table.

  • The organization under review is responsible for covering any travel and accommodation costs for the review committee and providing food during the review.

  • The organization under review makes the relevant materials (communication plan, budget, laboratory publications, press materials, news clippings, etc.) available to the peer review committee at least two weeks in advance.

  • The peer review itself usually lasts three days. It can be done in two days, but three days are desirable.

    Day One - Presentations from the organization, including organization management and communication staff.

    Day Two - The committee discusses presentations, follows up with questions for organization staff and drafts final presentations.

    Day Three - The committee discusses draft presentations, prepares final findings, comments and recommendations and holds a dress rehearsal. The peer review holds a close-out session to present their findings, comments and recommendations to the organization's management and communication staff.

  • After the review, the chair of the review committee submits a brief final report using the close-out session materials to the organization's management.