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Tova Holmes and Maximilian Swiatlowski

29 June 2022

Finding our Place in Discovery

Tova Holmes, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee
Maximilian Swiatlowski, Associate Research Scientist, TRIUMF

It was midnight, newly the fourth of July, and the three of us were in a CERN hostel room, strategizing. We were on to plan B: originally we’d intended to tote our hostel pillows to the auditorium, get a good night’s sleep on the floor between two rows of seats, and wake up with an unbeatable location to witness the announcement. But of course we’d been foiled. Earlier that day, we’d found the CERN auditorium locked and barricaded. Clearly we weren’t the only ones who’d thought of this.

Marco Valente

28 June 2022

The Higgs discovery: an important moment of my life

Marco Valente, Postdoctoral research fellow, TRIUMF

The Higgs boson discovery has been an extremely important moment of my life as it has probably been the first moment I thought that I could become a particle physicist.

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Ken Bloom

24 June 2022

Great science to come

Ken Bloom, Professor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

On July 4, 2032, we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the announcement of the observation of the Higgs boson. By that time, we expect to have completed both Run 3, which will double our data sample, and also Run 4, the first run of the High-Luminosity LHC, which will double the sample yet again. We’ll know if any of the things I suggested above have come to pass. I hope we’ll be writing about it for Quantum Diaries once again!

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Happy birthday! Ten years of Higgs Bosons – past, present, and future!

Robin Hayes

20 June 2022

Higgs Discovery

Robin Hayes

The Higgs boson discovery launched us into a new era of physics. Having found every particle predicted by the Standard Model, we’re now forced to take more creative routes toward the discovery of new physics. Above all, I find it encouraging to remember that the Standard Model is definitely not the final answer. There has to be new physics hiding out there somewhere. In a way, this post-Higgs-discovery era has all the excitement that characterized the years leading up to 2012: something new will be found, at some point, and at that point we’ll surely learn something fundamental about our universe.

Narei Lorenzo Martinez

17 June 2022

The Higgs Discovery Adventure

Narei Lorenzo Martinez

I started my phD in 2010, and I arrived at the LAL laboratory (France) the exact same week ATLAS was taking its first data after the LHC incident of 2008 that delayed the data-taking. The ambiance in the laboratory was already very special, everybody was so excited to see the first data arriving, and I remember having « seen » the first Z bosons in my life on a histogram I made with the first data.

Ana Ventura Barros

16 June 2022

My dream

Ana Ventura Barros, PhD student at DESY

In 2012 I was in my last year of high school trying to figure out what I wanted to be. I wanted to study medicine since I was 6 and that’s the reason I chose my subjects focus on natural science, I had biology, chemistry maths and physics. It was the first time I was in contact with physics and thanks to my teacher at that time I fall in love with it.

Daniel Jeans

6 June 2022

A roller-coaster ride

Daniel Jeans, Particle Physicist, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies at KEK

After the Higgs boson discovery at LHC, and long after I had left the collaboration, CDF published “evidence” for Higgs production; the analysis made some use of the b-tagging tools I had earlier developed, so I made some contribution to confirmation of the Higgs discovery, although it’s rather small and tenuous!

Ken Bloom

2 June 2022

A date with physics history

Ken Bloom, Professor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

While those first days of the Higgs boson were exciting, they were only the beginning. What was announced on July 4, 2012 was a bona fide discovery, but at that point we didn’t quite know what we had discovered, and we knew that there was going to be much work ahead to characterize the new particle.

Jahred Adelman

1 June 2022

Higgsdependence Day

Jahred Adelman, Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University

When I tried to explain my overwhelming excitement at ending 40 years of searches for the last big, missing piece of the Standard Model of particle physics, she told me only: “That sounds important.”

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