Visualizing Dark Matter

Here are some images, animations, and other multimedia resources that you can use to promote your Dark Matter Day event, and to help your audience visualize dark matter. Please provide proper credits when using these materials.

VIDEO: Dark Matter 4K (13 minutes, 4 seconds)

Leading-edge scientists explain what we know about one of the greatest mysteries of our time. What could it be? How do we know it’s there? And what ingenious methods are scientists, working in different subdisciplines of physics and astronomy around the globe, using to detect dark matter? Astrophysicist Jeff Filippini, astronomer Felipe Menanteau, experimental nuclear physicist Liang Yang, theoretical particle physicist Jessie Shelton, and experimental particle physicist Ben Hooberman provide an accessible overview of some of the most exciting scientific research that is ongoing today. This educational outreach video was produced by the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Download high-quality video for classroom projectors at this link:

VIDEO: Darkness in the Universe (2 minutes)

Description: Does our universe have a Dark Side? It might. And physicists all over the world are on a mission to uncover the mystery of dark matter that could hold the answers to some *very* big questions. The UK plays a lead role in the search for dark matter as part of a global effort. Find out more about the ‘missing’ parts of the Universe and what the UK is doing to trace them in this video from DMUK and the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

VIDEO: Ask Symmetry – How is the Force Like Dark Matter?

Scientist Dan McKinsey of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley shares some thoughts on dark matter (and "Star Wars").

Dark Matter Day Event Logos and Animated Trailers

You can download and use these logos and animated trailers from this website to promote your event. Please use these credits, wherever possible—Logo credit: Sandbox Studio, Chicago; animated trailer credit:

Dark Matter Infographic

What is dark matter and how do we search for it? An infographic prepared by the U.K. Science & Technology Facilities Council.

Photos, Images from Dark Matter Day 2017 Events

Photos and images shared from Dark Matter Day events and event organizers.

Visualization: Dark Matter in the Modern Universe

A large .mpg file featuring a dark matter simulation and visualization in our modern universe. Simulation credits: Katrin Heitmann (Argonne Lab) and Zarija Lukic (Berkeley Lab). Visualization: Pat McCormick (Los Alamos Lab).

Dark Matter Visualization: San Diego Supercomputing Center

This site features several versions of a dark matter visualization using a 3-D cosmological hydrodynamics code, Enzo.

Interactive Visualization of Billion Point Cosmological Simulations

A variety of dark matter visualizations by Tamas Szalay, Volker Springel, and Gerard Lemson.

Illustris Collaboration Dark Matter Simulations

This site features static images, posters, and animations. The Illustris project is a set of large-scale cosmological simulations that span over 13.8 billion years of cosmic evolution.

NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter

Dark matter and normal matter have been wrenched apart by the tremendous collision of two large clusters of galaxies.Animation files here.

Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics: Dark Matter Data Visualizations

This site includes movies of the dark matter distribution in the universe, the formation of large-scale structure in the dark matter distribution, and a fly-through of the dark matter distribution, among other animations.

The Aquarius Project Data Visualizations

The Aquarius Project is a large-scale collaborative program of the Virgo Consortium.

Ralf Kähler: Dark Matter Visualizations

Movies and images that show dark matter visualizations. Most are available at higher resolution and as stereoscopic 3-D versions. Contact for permission and credit information.

Formation of the Large-Scale Structure in the Universe: University of Chicago

Visualizations of the universe’s large-scale structure, including dark matter models. Also includes links toadditional resources.

VIDEO—Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics/Virgo Consortium: Dark Matter Simulation of a Galactic Halo’s Formation

The simulated formation of an Aquarius halo, over nearly the full age of the universe.

VIDEO—PBS: ‘Dark Matters’ Highlights Simulations of an Invisible Universe

This video highlights dark matter visualizations by scientists at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology at Stanford University.

VIDEO—Virgo Consortium: ‘Millennium Simulation’

This animation shows the simulated evolution of the universe, with galaxies and the dark matter around them forming web-like structures.

The Horizon Simulation: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe

Features a simulation of 13.7 billion years in the universe’s evolution.

The MareNostrum Simulation

A virtual universe that evolves through time was created using 2,048 processors of the MareNostrum supercomputer.

Zarija Lukic: Image of the Large-Scale Structure in the Universe

A simulation of the large-scale structure in the universe that shows density filaments in blue and places of galaxy formation in yellow. Credit:Zarija Lukic/Berkeley Lab.

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